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The Hotel can be a reference point for excursions of great cultural, landscape and naturalistic point of view.

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Between Portopalo and Syracuse

6 Km. the hotel is located in Pachino, the birthplace of Vitaliano Brancati. Today, the town is well known for its production of the cherry tomato of cherry tomatoes. The traditional crop of the place, however, has always been that of the vine that produces the grapes from which are obtained of the wines very fine. For many years our fortified wines are also exported to France and then be cut with the light wines of the area.
To visit the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, the heart of the city, the Market and the Mother Church.

8 Km. from the hotel, along the sea, you reach the village of Marzamemi characteristic village of fishermen, where you can visit the "balata", the ancient tonnara and the small square where the small church of 700, the Palace of Villadorata and the typical houses of the fishermen. Today Marzamemi is a tourist centre, very crowded in summer.

From Pachino continuing to Known to reach theNatural Oasis of Vendicari (15 Km from the hotel). Here you can tour the reserve.

A few kilometres further on is the Villa Romana del Tellaro. These are the remains of a roman villa of the IV century after Christ, the habitation of a family of landowners, whose floors were covered with extraordinary mosaics that, elegance of style, are among the most significant of the period and may well rival those, the most famous of Piazza Armerina, near Enna.

Continuing, you arrive to Noto (25 Km away from the hotel), the Capital of Baroque, a utopia to be realized, a city planned and built as a work of art, an emblem full of the symbols of the civilization of the eighteenth century. In 2002 the city was declared by Unesco a Heritage of Humanity together in Palazzolo Acreide, Scicli, Modica and Ragusa.
A few miles you can visit Noto Antica: the old city destroyed by the earthquake of 1693.

6 Km from Noto, you come to Avola, a town that gives its name to nero d'avola, the grape from which we obtain the finest wines of Sicily. Very well known and exported all over the world the almond pizzuta.
In the city the architectural style predominant is the Liberty. Also used the floral style, treated by skilled stonemasons who, with great creative ability, have transformed the facades of the houses in the true and own stone decorations.

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In the mountain area behind Avola, Cava Grande is the most spectacular place. At the bottom of the quarry, the river Cassibile that creates along its path to crystal clear lakes, continuous destination of day-trippers that, to reach them, you venture into a twisty and steep.

Forty-five-minute drive from the hotel Syracuse, a city among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, rich in history and monuments and has endured for over three thousand years, important expressions of the greatest civilizations.


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Mountain Area

The mountain area of the province of Syracuse is a place of extraordinary interest from the archaeological, cultural and landscape: Palazzolo Acreide (Unesco world Heritage) is rich in baroque monuments surrounded by ancient neighborhoods built on steep slopes that give glimpses of the wonderful views. To visit, among others, the Greek Theatre, in a panoramic position, overlooking the valley of the Anapo.

Proceeding meets Buscemi, a rare example of a country-museum with the presence of beautiful baroque architecture. Buccheri, who retains traces of the medieval, and it is adorned with churches and eighteenth-century buildings. It is an ideal place for excursions in an environment which was still perfectly intact.

From Cassaro you can reach the Necropolis of Pantalica, which, perched along the walls of the deep quarry of the beautiful valley of the Anapo river, is the largest necropolis of the Mediterranean area: more than 5000 tombs in caves artificial, dug in deep rocky ridges make it similar to a honeycomb of bees. The Valley of the Anapo river , is a resort of rare beauty (now the public property of natural interest) which includes a part of the Necropolis of Pantalica.


For the visits we make use of a free service that transports visitors accompanying them along the 13 Km. of the protected area. You can swim in the river in a show of pristine natural.

Between Portopalo and Ragusa

20 Km. from Portopalo, through Pachino, you arrive to Ispica. Here you can visit the Park of the Force and the Cava d'ispica, a striking overlap of the necropolis pre-Greek, catacombs, tombs and byzantine cave dwellings dating from prehistoric times almost up to our days.

Continuing on, you reach the first Edit and then Ragusa (Unesco world Heritage), the city built on the steep walls of caves of extraordinary beauty and scenic grandeur, from the baroque buildings of great charm. The beautiful facades of the baroque churches.

Going back you can go from Scicli (Unesco Heritage) and then along the coast, from the fishing villages of Donnalucata and Sampieri , and, therefore, by the modern town of Pozzallo.


Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone

At Piazza Armerina you can pay a visit to the Villa Romana del Casale, the best preserved in the world and famous for its mosaics.

Caltagirone is the capital of sicilian ceramics, with the famous Scala di S. Maria del Monte.


Catania, Etna

Tod an hour and a half drive you can reach Catania, the city between mountain and sea, enchants the visitor, especially in the most beautiful streets of the city: the Etna, on a soft slope towards the background of the volcano, and the via dei Crociferi, full of sumptuous churches.

From Catania you can start to discover the vast territory ofEtna. Around the big volcano extends a unique and unparalleled, rich sounds, scents and colors. A district enchanting landscape, protected by a natural park that anyone in Sicily can not fail to visit. The territory of the Etna Park extends from the summit of the volcano to the upper belt of etna villages.


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